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EXTRA 10% OFF Diamond Blade Discs For Tile Cutting Collection While Stocks Last

Finipower Plus Variable Speed Angle Grinder and Polisher

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The Finipower is a variable speed grinder/polisher for industrial duty on a wide range of metalworking tasks, from Stainless Steel to Non-ferrous metal fabrication.  At the higher end of the speed range it can cut and grind metal, whilst at lower speeds it will polish and finish it. It has a 125mm guard, but will also work effectively with 115mm discs.

Using the recommended speed when working on stainless steel and non-ferrous metals can improve abrasive life by 4, 5 or even 6x

Finipower SMFP+:  A 1700 watt motor supplies all the torque you need even at it’s slowest speed and with a maximum speed of 6,500rpm it is ideal for stainless steel and non-ferrous grinding and finishing applications.

Available in 110v and 230v option.

Product Notes:

  • Variable Speed Control Range for the Finipower Plus:
    Minimum Speed: 2,000 rpm
    Maximum Speed: 7,200 rpm
  • 125mm guard.
  • Spindle lock for easy disc fitting and removal.
  • Protected against overload.
  • Dust protected motor.
  • High torque, even at low speeds - best for ripple-free polishing.

Time Saving Kits:

To achieve the most from your Finipower, use with the Cibo Time Saving Kits which offer a complete stainless finishing solution in a box

TSK01: Brush finish mitres.

TSK03: Brush finish outside of tube joints.

TSK04: Polish mitres and exterior box.

TSK06: Polish outside of tube joints.

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