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Trizact Macroreplication

Trizact microreplication

Microreplication is the repeated forming of microscopic, perfectly calibrated three-dimensional structures. This technique guarantees perfectly preformed and calibrated abrasive grains in a pyramid shape. These pyramidal abrasive grains are identical in height. This ensures a limited penetration of the abrasive grains in the work piece, eliminating the danger of uneven edges or deep scratches.

Trizact macroreplication

These are three-dimensional structures uniformly distributed over the entire surface. These are made from compressed Trizact grains that guarantee consistent and predictable material removal and Mnishing.
Area of application
Trizact has been specially developed for Mnishing more diicult processing materials such as titanium, cobalt, stainless steel, as well as for all exotic alloys in aerospace, aviation and medical industry. We also have very successful applications for Mnishing, copper, bronze, aluminium, composite materials and synthetics.

Please note: Trizact has been developed for Linishing work; it is not a deburring product.

The 237AA and 217EA (microreplication) are characterised by their capacity to perfectly Mnish materials with fewer steps, little working pressure and a constant and replicable Mnish.
The 337DC and 953FA have the capacity to grind and Mnish in one operation.
The 217EA, 237AA and 337DC have been developed for dry use. The 953FA has a waterproof support and has been developed for use with coolants.



  • abrasive grains with equal height

  • always the same number of abrasive grains available

  • always the same shape and depth of abrasion

  • equal wear of the abrasive grains

  • always new, identical abrasive grains available

  • higher stock removal at lower pressure


  • no danger of abrasive scratches that are too deep

  • equally distributed abrasive pressure

  • uniform and consistent finish

  • faster result at lower working pressure

  • long product life

  • burr-free finish

  • significantly shorter abrasive process

  • fewer grinding steps needed

  • drastic reduction in work for post-polishing

  • less loss after quality control

  • cost-saving per finished work piece

  • generates less waste

  • uses less energy

 Significant successes have been achieved in following branches of industry:

  • inox Linishing

  • medical implants

  • turbine blades

  • industrial tools

  • tank and boiler construction

  • door and window Mttings

  • bronze and copper tubing

  • composite materials



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