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Welcome to the new Home of Abrasives World
Welcome to the new Home of Abrasives World

Groundwork Diamond Blades

Concrete used for groundwork has a wide range of characteristics depending on the aggregates used and whether it is cured.

Un-cured or green concrete is usually easy to cut, but can be highly abrasive with devastating effects on diamond blades. There are two suggested approaches here. One is to just accept that cutting into green concrete is going to quickly wreck your diamond blades and therefore just select cheaper blades, such as General Purpose.

Alternatively, you can use a protected blade such as Road Slitta. Road Slitta Diamond Blades For Road Saws. These are the same blades as used for cutting asphalt which is also abrasive. These are double protected with 3-4 skewed segments to expel the abrasive slurry and TC inserts on the leading edges of the welds to protect them. This results in a long-life blade in ground cutting applications.

For cured concrete a blade with a higher diamond content may be required especially with large aggregates of hard material. Again Road Slitta is a good solution as it has laser welded segments with a good diamond grade suitable for cured concrete. This gives Road Slitta the advantage that 1 blade is suitable for all the groundwork even if the surfaces vary from asphalt to concrete.

Most groundwork uses floor saws or road saws which usually have a water feed. Using water will help with blade life. These saws normally accept diamond blades from 350mm upwards, the most common fixing having a 1" (25.4mm) mounting hole with an adjacent drive pin hole. All of our 350mm and larger Road Slitta blades have this mounting.


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