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EXTRA 10% OFF Diamond Blade Discs For Tile Cutting Collection While Stocks Last

Brick Cutting - Diamond Blade Selection Guide

Bricks vary enormously in hardness and the diamond blades required to cut them are reflected in that.

Softer facing bricks can usually be cut by a cheaper general purpose diamond blades and these are fine if there are only a few bricks to be cut. General Purpose Diamond Blade.

For speed when a lot of bricks are to be cut, it is usually worth investing in a better laser welded diamond blade with a higher diamond content. A blade such as Multi-Slysa will cut a wide range of bricks quickly and neatly. These have turbo style segments which are more effectively air-cooled and have much lower risk of glazing. Multi-Slysa Diamond Blade For Brick Cutting

Some bricks are extremely hard. Fire brick and engineering bricks are made of densely packed clay and are baked hard for a prolonged period. Cutting these requires the best diamond blade. We recommend Multi-Slysa Premium Plus with premium grade diamond mounted in laser welded turbo segments. Multi-Slysa Premium Plus Diamond Blades For Hard Bricks

For some decorative brickwork, it may be desirable to have a low-chip cut for a neat finish. For this application, our Granite Turbo blades are a good choice. These have continuous rims and premium diamond grade giving a smooth cutting action which is hard to achieve with a segmented diamond blade. Granite Turbo Diamond Blade

Professional brick cutting, for the purposes of producing lighter weight slips for cladding requires a fast cutting blade if productivity is to optimised. We supply Multi-Slysa and Multi-Slysa Premium Plus diamond blades for this application in both 355mm (for 14" chop saws) and 450mm for larger saws. The 450mm is also ideal for cutting blocks for paving.

Brick Cutting

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