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EXTRA 10% OFF Diamond Blade Discs For Tile Cutting Collection While Stocks Last
EXTRA 10% OFF Diamond Blade Discs For Tile Cutting Collection While Stocks Last

Tile Cutting Diamond Blade Selection Guide

Tiles require a neat cut, so diamond blades, or tile cutting discs, for tile cutting machines usually have continuous rims, ie there is effectively 1 diamond segment all around the perimeter instead of the usual arrangement of segments divided by spaces that would be used for dry cutting blades.

Many tile saws are supplied with a basic diamond blade that will cut ceramic tiles. Replacements for these can be found here DIAMOND BLADE DISCS FOR TILE CUTTING

Porcelain tiles are usually a lot harder and are hard all the way through. These require a premium grade of diamond and more of it. The blades for cutting porcelain are generally significantly more expensive due to the much higher diamond content, but still quite proportionate to the cost of a set of porcelain tiles. These can be smoothed rimmed, such as Tile Slysa Premium or turbo rimmed, which offer better air-cooling and will cut faster, such as Tile Slysa Turbo Premium Tile Slysa Premium Porcelain Tile Diamond BladeTile Slysa Turbo Premium Porcelain Tile Blade.

You will find diamond blades for most wet cutting tile saws on this site as we stock probably the UK's widest range. Blades range in size from 110mm for small DIY saws to 355mm for the professional use bridge saws.

You can also very successfully cut tiles using a suitable diamond blade on an angle grinder. In this instance, you will require one suitable for dry use and both our Tile Slysa Premium and Tile Slysa Turbo Premium ranges are suitable. The latter also has stiffening flanges which helps ensure a straight cut.

Increasingly, customers wish to use mitre saws to cut tiles. These have the advantage of high accuracy. We stock a limited range with 30mm bores to suit many of these saws. See our range of Tile Blades For Circular Saws.

It is also possible to get curve cutting diamond blades for use on angle grinders. These are a great help when cutting curves around shower cubicles or toilet bowls.

Customers are increasingly buying porcelain tiles for exterior use. These are often large with typical 20mm thickness. These tend to need larger machines to cut them. The Tile Slysa Turbo Premium range is recommended. 230x22.2mm size would be suitable for 9in angle grinders. 300mm diameter with 20mm bore would be the correct choice for most petrol saws including the Stihl TS410.

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