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EXTRA 10% OFF Diamond Blade Discs For Tile Cutting Collection While Stocks Last

FiniTube, Tube Sanding & Finishing Abrasive Machine

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In stock

The Finitube machine has been designed to be the ideal machine for tube sanding and polishing. Its strengths in tube finishing lie in its ease of use with good alignment of handle and work contact point, good balance and good torque characteristics at slower speeds which helps with final polishing. It does not rely on guide wheels and hence will work on bends. In conjunction with the wide range of belts available, the Finitube will blend welds, remove scratch marks, round off flat spots and apply brushed, satin or mirror finishes. It is effective on tube, bar and pipes with typical applications including balustrades, food and drink plant, marine fitments, furniture and bollards.


  • Fully variable speed.
  • Takes 675x40mm belts (Wide range in stock).
  • Choice of 110v or 230v.
  • Good torque performance avoiding ripple.
  • 125mm diameter jaw capacity.
  • Contents:
    Finitube Tube Polishing Machine  
    Coarse Surface Conditioning Belt (x1)
    Medium Surface Conditioning Belt (x2)
    Very Fine Surface Conditioning Belt (x1)
    FF87 Ceramic Belts (120, 240 & 320 Grit) (x6)
    Trizact Finishing Belts (A30 & A45 Grit) (x2)
    Tex Sheets (x8)
    FORU Rubber Sanding Block (x1)
    Inoxiclean Stainless Steel Cleaner (x1)
  • Vibration 1.99m/s2 (Nominal - varies with speed

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