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Welcome to the new Home of Abrasives World

Wire Radial Brush Wheels For Angle Grinders -Steel

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Original price £10.40
£10.40 - £11.10
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In stock

These radial wire brush wheels are designed for use on angle grinders.

These wire brush wheels are designed for the high speeds of both variable and fixed speed angle grinders. There is a choice of crimped wire for a more controlled finish and a twisted knot wire wheel for more aggressive action. The brass coated steel wheels are ideal for cleaning castings, stripping steel of rust and coatings, age effecting timber and surface finishing a wide range of materials. The twisted know wheels are ideal for weld cleaning, splatter removing, de-burring and aggressive cleaning where required. As they are used edge-on, they work on smaller surfaces than the standard angle grinder cup brushes.


  • Made with brass coated crimped steel wire for greater durability.
  • Or twisted knot steel for aggressive cleaning action.
  • Fitted with captive M14 threaded nut to suit angle grinders from 115mm upwards.
  • Speed rating: Max 13,000rpm.
  • 13mm width.
  • Wire Gauge: Crimped: 0.30mm, Twisted Knot: 0.50mm

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