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Welcome to the new Home of Abrasives World
Welcome to the new Home of Abrasives World

Sanding Belts And Sleeve Belts

We've organized our extensive collection of high-quality Cibo abrasive belt range. Which include Ceramic Abrasives, Aluminium Oxide, and Zirconium, into specific application areas for your convenience.

Some machines may overlap. For example some wider powerfile belts are the same size as those used in small tube polishers.

We offer Grit-Grades from P36 Grit - to P120 Grit in all Abrasive types and all the way up to P320 Grit in Ceramic.

Be aware that there could be overlaps in descriptions. A machine referred to as a belt grinder may also be utilized for tube notching.

Stay informed about the diverse applications of equipment like belt grinders.This ensures versatility and accommodates various applications in equipment like belt grinders.

If you can't find your size, please ask us for a quote as it can usually be made to order at no extra charge.

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