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Welcome to the new Home of Abrasives World

Alu-Grind Spray

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Original price £15.83
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Alu-Grind spray is especially formulated to assist sanding and grinding aluminium and its softer alloys. Excessive heat can cause 'orange-peel' surface finishes to appear when sanding aluminium. The sanding disc or belt can also quickly load up with aluminium rendering it less effective. Alu-Grind will lubricate the surface to keep it cooler, whilst the disc or belt surface resists loading. Spray it onto the surface of the disc or belt. This is an industrial duty product. Please read the instructions prior to use.


  • Suitable for aluminium and other soft non-ferrous metals.
  • Supplied in 400mm pressurised spray can.
  • Ideal for sanding discs and belts.
  • Non-greasy.
  • Industrial grade - read instructions before use.

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