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Welcome to the new Home of Abrasives World

Inflatable Wheels & Tyres For Sleeves

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Inflatable wheels make it easy to apply an even pressure to sleeve sanding belts for graining and brush finishing metal.

These inflatable wheels fit hand-held burnishing machines. They are used for applying sanding sleeve belts to sheet material, usually metal, although they can also be used on flat wood. The sleeves can be pulled onto a lightly inflated wheel, or the wheel can be deflated and re-inflated with the new sleeve fitted. A standard bicycle pump (not supplied) will suffice to pump the tyre. Inflatable wheels are ideal for lighter finishing duties such as applying a brushed or satin finish to sheet metal. A large range of sleeve belts are available including ceramic abrasive for cleaning stainless steel, zirconium and aluminium oxide for surface preparation, surface conditioning for consistent brushed or satin finishing and Trizact for fine finishing.

There are two types of fixing:

19mm keywayed - These fit many burnishing machines such as FiniMaster Basic and PTX, for which wheels of 90-100mm would be specified.

M14 Female - These fit Finimaster Pro and other machines for which 120-125mm wheels wold be specified.


  • Available as complete wheel with tyre or replacement tyre only.
  • Metal alloy wheel.
  • Standard air valve for which as standard bicycle pump will suffice.
  • Choose 19mm keywayed hole or M14 female fixings.
  • Speed rating compatible with machine speeds.

Recommended Sleeve Belt Sizes:

19mm Keywayed: Cloth backed (Coated abrasives) - 293x100mm. Surface Conditioning - 305x100mm

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