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Tack Rags Dust Wipes Natgoz - 10 Pack

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Applications: Static wipes hold dust in a way that most ordinary wipes wont. It is important to effectively remove dust from surfaces prior to final polishing, painting or coating in order to produce a professional looking finish. Wiping the dust rather than blasting it with compressed air will help improve workshop air quality as well as achieving greater consistency across the surface. Natgoz cloths are ideal for most applications where dust particles are in the approximate range P240-P600. Blusyn is for finer particles in the approximate range P800-P3000. Where particle sizes are mixed over a wide range, wipe first with Natgoz and finish with Blusyn. Wipe in a regular pattern with light pressure. Fold and re-fold for extended use. Applications include coachwork, stainless steel polishing, granite polishing and many others.


Dust and particle capturing within the cloth structure.
Tear resistant.
Lint free.
Contamination free.
Natgoz is made with natural soft cotton.
Natgoz cloth size 500x750mm.
Use Natgoz for particles up to approx grade P600.
Blusyn is a synthetic 3D material.
Blusyn cloth size 220x500mm.
Use Blusyn for fine particle dust up to approx grade P3000.
Supplied in packs of 10 cloths.
- These static cloths are highly effective dust wipes. It is important to keep metal and stone surfaces free from dust to efficiently polish them.
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