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EXTRA 10% OFF Diamond Blade Discs For Tile Cutting Collection While Stocks Last

Tapered Polishing Mop Spindle Arbors

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We stock tapered spindles for soft centred wheels such as polishing mops.

Tapered threaded spindles are used for quick and easy mounting of polishing wheels and mops. They can also be used for other soft centred wheels including stripping discs and unitised wheels (especially softer grades). The thread runs in the counter direction to to the normal rotation of the machine, ensuring that the wheel tightens on in use. We have a small tapered spindle for use in drill chucks and a larger ones with 22mm hex shanks for machine use. One has a female M14 thread for use on suitable fixed machine such as bench polishers or bench grinders, with a suitable male threaded adaptor end on the spindle.


  • All have reverse tapered threads.
  • All are suitable for mounting wheels and mops with soft centres, typically 6-13mm.
  • The drill mounted version has 6mm mounting spindle.
  • The machine versions are with or without female M14 bores. (M14 bores fit male threaded extensions on certain polishers.)
  • Fixed machine adaptors have 22mm hex shanks.
  • The drill mounted version is suitable for smaller diameters, up to approx 75mm or 100mm.
  • The machine versions can carry diameters as large as recommended for the machine.
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